RIC is a community-run network that provides a service.  We are volunteers and give our time to run the network driven by values of community empowerment and social justice.  We hope you will join us.  However, you may of course just need cheap reliable internet access to go about your life.

There are certain conditions that you have to abide by for us to be able to provide you with internet access.  If you do not do so, we may cut off your internet access.  In return, we also pledge to stick by you.

Your communication responsibilities:

  1. Keep us updated with your current email address, flat number and phone number, if you are the main responsible person in your flat.
  2. Provide all the email addresses of people who use RIC from your flat.
  3. Let us know if there’s a problem with your connection if it lasts for more than 10 minutes and isn’t listed on our status page (or our providers).

Your payment responsibilities:

  1. Pay for your connection in advance, preferably by standing order from your bank, or by coming in person to our regular payment drop-in (or by other arrangement via our phone).

Your technical responsibilities:w; contact us to request or for information.

  1. Install virus software keep keep it reguarly updated.
  2. Set your operating system to update automatically (e.g. Linux, Mac, Windows, Android) to protect yourself and the network from the latest security flaws.
  3. Don’t download, upload or stream more than 100GB/month so that we stay within our overall data limits, and to avoid slowing down the network.  Search for a bandwidth meter to download if you’re worried you might be a heavy user.
  4.  If you want wifi in your flat, you need to either buy a cheap reliable specific model from us, or contact us to make sure your wireless router (wifi) does not interfere with our network.
  5. Don’t use peer-to-peer software to download torrents such as films, music and software, unless you:
    • restrict the download speed (less than 800 kB/s) so you don’t slow the whole network down – the software is aggressively bandwidth-hungry;
    • take care not to share copyrighted material – as well as being illegal, RIC is held responsible, which can result in the whole network being shut down.

Your social responsibilities:

  1. Do not use RIC to spread hate speech, discriminatory views, and abuse.
  2. We cannot condone breaking the law whilst using RIC.  However we are keenly aware that laws are not always the same as justice, and that there is a strong history of people breaking the law in order to make the world a better place, for example the Suffragettes fighting for women to have the vote, communities defending themselves from attacks from the far right or ecological campaigns to prevent us going to hell in a handcart.
  3. Keep yourself safe on the internet; see our helpful hints.

Our communication responsibilites:

  1. We’ll keep you updated when there are network problems that we know about.
  2. We’ll remind cash subscribers when the regular drop-ins are due, and if have to change the date.
  3. At least once a year at the Bentley House Tenants and Residents Association AGM we’ll provide an update of what we’ve been up to and our plans for the year ahead.

Our payment responsibilites:

  1. We’ll keep the money we all pay for the connection safe and accountable and use a more ethical banking provider.
  2. We’ll invest all the money in maintaining and improving the network.
  3. We’ll keep the cost affordable, to enable everyone to benefit from internet access.
  4. We’ll do out best to stick to the monthly payment times, and will let all cash subscribers know if that has to change.

Our technical responsibilities:

  1. We’ll maintain the network to the best of our abilities and ensure it is reliable and fast.
  2. To ensure good reliability and speed for everyone, we may restrict or disconnect any user not abiding by ‘your responsibilities’ as detailed above.
  3. We pledge not to monitor what you are doing on the internet, not to log the websites you visit, and to keep you as safe as we are able from organisations and the state who spy on us all.

Our social responsibilities:

  1. We will not discriminate against anyone on any grounds in any way.
  2. We will not refuse to provide you with a connection or block you unless you have broken the conditions of use above, in which case we reserve these rights.
  3. We will strive to act in accordance to the values of Community Development.