Can you help connect the Redbricks?

We need people to maintain and develop the network, and people who are excited to make new ideas happen.

Though we do need the technically-minded, many of us are not very IT-minded at all.  There’s a host of skills and enthusiasms that we rely on, such as:

  • working in groups, including facilitating and minuting
  • communication, including writing & talking to existing and potential users
  • working with people, including ‘outreach’ making contact with and supporting existing and potential users
  • technically-minded or interested in learning, setting up wireless routers and running a Local Area Network/intranet
  • developing extra services for users, such as a drop-in to help people who don’t feel confident with computers or the internet, or offering free calls, servers for sharing info, websites…the sky is the limit!cimg1086
  • handy with a ladder and screwdriver, for getting new users connected and restarting our switches (hubs) when they go down.


The Redbricks Intranet Collective (RIC) is a community group made up of volunteers.  We are motivated by what RIC can enable, bringing communities together and enabling access to information and the wider world out there!  Get involved – drop us a line by email or text us, or come along to our regular payment drop-ins or meetings.